Policy Agenda


BTA is North America’s premier authority on issues affecting the U.S. northern and southern borders, representing a large grassroots network of over 4.2 million public...

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Key Issues

The BTA’s work can be divided into three broad themes. The themes encompass all of the multi-faceted issues and challenges that face the policy staff, committees, and board of directors.

Balancing Security, Trade and Travel at the Border

In a time of heightened security concerns around the world, the BTA’s grassroots members actively engage top-level policymakers while seeking solutions for improving the security challenges for government while facilitating trade and travel across international borders. Our advocacy issues are among the most challenging issues for NAFTA countries today, including border security, C-TPAT, infrastructure and travel protocols. The BTA strives for policies that strike a balance between national and economic security.

Customs and Border Protection officer recruitment and retention in far-flung areas is becoming an increasing challenge for DHS, and the agency is short of its
congressionally-approved staffing level. The Border Trade Alliance supports legislation to curtail CBP officer arbitration rates. Learn More >

Customs and Border Protection, other inspection agencies, and Congress must prepare today for future trade volumes. The BTA supports a systematic and secure method for industry to share market predictions and production plans with government to ensure that inspection agencies are sufficiently prepared to process trade flows efficiently and with minimal delay. Learn More >

Improving Quality of Life in Border Communities

Since 1986, the BTA has served as the voice of border communities along the U.S.-Canada and U.S.-Mexico borders. Improving the quality of life in border communities is a top priority for the BTA and we have consistently searched for solutions to address the many unique and diverse challenges created by the tremendous growth in commerce at our borders. The BTA has a strong record of promoting the concerns of border communities to federal policymakers.

The NADB (North American Development Bank) has been an effective tool for catalyzing investment into needed infrastructure in the U.S.-Mexico border region. The BTA strongly supports a request to authorize and appropriate a general capital increase for NADB. Learn More >

Keeping NAFTA Competitive and Efficient in a Global Economy

Trade between Canada, Mexico and the United States has nearly tripled since the adoption of the North American Free Trade Agreement. Growing competition both within the NAFTA countries and globally pressure companies and governments to develop their effectiveness and meet the rising demands. Non-tariff barriers to trade such as delays at our ports of entry, caused by inadequate infrastructure or heightened security, cost our economies both jobs and money. The BTA is a leading advocate of solutions to solve the critical trade challenges facing NAFTA countries.

Since the retirement of Tony Wayne in July 2015, the United States has been operating without an ambassador to Mexico, which is our country’s third-largest trading partner. The BTA believes strongly that the U.S-Mexico relationship is far too important for the U.S. not to have a Senate-confirmed ambassador to Mexico. Learn More >