Policy Agenda


BTA is North America’s premier authority on issues affecting the U.S. northern and southern borders, representing a large grassroots network of over 4.2 million public...

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Policy Overview

BTA 2018 Policy Agenda

Download the 2018 Border Trade Alliance Policy Agenda

Public Policy Committee

Sam Vale
Starr-Camargo Bridge Co.
Rio Grande City, Texas
Committee Chair

The Public Policy Committee serves as the main advocacy arm of the Border Trade Alliance, representing the organization’s issues committees’ positions before lawmakers and agencies, as well as also coordinating those issues that don’t fit neatly into only one particular committee’s portfolio.

Security and Trade Committee

Kathy Neal
Regal Beloit
Dallas, Texas
Committee Chair

Javier Quijano
El Paso, Texas
Committee Co-chair

The committee is responsible for monitoring issues at the land border ports of entry, promoting policies that encourage and promote legitimate trade and travel while ensuring that border agencies – specifically Customs and Border Protection – have the tools necessary to safely carry out their important enforcement mission.

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee

Danny Rios
S&B Infrastructure
McAllen, Texas

The Transportation and Infrastructure Committee is responsible for developing the BTA’s positions on issues regarding mobility, infrastructure and trucking policy.  The committee is engaged on transportation funding issues and the debate over cross-border trucking between the U.S. and Mexico. The committee also drives the BTA’s work on port infrastructure improvements and modernization.